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The Store

Blue Ridge Outdoor Supplies is located at 100 Shenandoah Ave. Elkton Virginia 22827, in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley in beautiful Rockingham County. Blue Ridge trappers supply was started in 2007 as a garage type business in my home and has grown into a full time operation with construction of a 3800 square foot warehouse and showroom in 2012. We are so thankful for the support of our valued customers who have supported us since the beginning. We look forward to the chance to serve new customers and proving how dedicated we are to serving the trapper.

We hope that you enjoy our online catalog. The catalog carries many top quality products, including my Mountain Rebel brand lures and baits. My trapping supply store sells the equipment I have personally used and found to be the best equipment on today’s market. Please call, 540-298-7227 , Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST, with questions, orders or directions to the showroom. Please check back often, as our product lines continue to change and grow in order to meet the trap supply needs of my fellow trappers. Blue Ridge also prints a catalog every year for your review. Make sure to get on the mailing list by using the “Contact us” feature on this website.

The Owner

Scott Painter has been an active Trapper and Hunter for over 20 years. His passion is the outdoors, so much so, he left the corporate rat-race to make it his full time 24/7 dream adventure. Scott is a member of the Virginia Trappers Association and Blue Ridge Outdoor Supplies also supports many State Associations and the National Trappers Association. Scott has supported many youth trapping functions and educational events all over the East Coast.

Scott's favorite trapping is for raccoon, grey fox and beaver. He finds that Bridger #5 Long Springs for beaver and his Tree Chomper beaver lure works best on the beaver line. A small 1 1/2 coil spring and Skillet Licker canine lure using both flat sets and small dirt hole sets equal success on the grey fox line. Some years Scott has harvested large numbers of raccoon using his Coon Crazy bait and Duke Dog-proof traps.

Meeting Scott

Scott travels to many conventions, Trappers Associations meetings, trapping educational events and functions as well as Trapper Education Courses as both a retailer and instructor. Scott shares his knowledge as well as tips and tricks with everyone he comes into contact with; believing that the only way to propagate trapping, is to share information to all who seek knowledge in the fur harvesting tradition.

Scott Painter, a trapper with 20 years of experience trapping both land and water animals. As owner of Blue Ridge Outdoors, he is also a member of the Virginia Trappers Association, National Trappers Association and supports many other local and state trapping organizations. Blue Ridge Outdoors has been serving trappers since 2007.

Discounted Specials

on Sale! 3/32 7x7 Galvanized Aircraft Cable Trapping Supply
on Sale! 3/32 7x7 Galvanized Aircraft Cable

Special! Duke 1.5 Coil Springs 1 dozen Trapping Supply
Special! Duke 1.5 Coil Springs 1 dozen

On sale! Red Fox Urine Trapping Supply
On sale! Red Fox Urine

Special! Shell Fish Oil  4oz. Trapping Supply
Special! Shell Fish Oil 4oz.

On Sale! Berkshire Disposable Stakes w/15" cable Trapping Supply
On Sale! Berkshire Disposable Stakes w/15" cable

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