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Firearms Training


Blue Ridge Outdoor Supplies and our sister company 2A Training Center  is proud to offer quality firearms training, and is the valley’s top training destination. Visit our website to sign up and more info all training held at 423 W. Spotswood Trail Elkton Va. 22827 540-298-7227.Train on state of the art equipment using realistic judgement training software. Yes, the bad guys shoot back.  All classes and instruction taught by NRA Certified Instructor- Scott Painter.

Virginia Concealed Carry Classes

Learn the fundamentals of pistol shooting, including firearm safety, understanding types of handguns and safe operation, proper grip, shooting stance, sight alignment and shooting techniques. Self-defense techniques, including concealment, holster draw and Virginia concealed carry laws.  All classes include time on our Realistic Firearms training simulator. All students will re-enforce skills learned in class by shooting fixed targets in a safe, low-noise training environment. Perfect for first time gun owners or anyone looking to improve shooting skills. 

Also included in class is demonstration of Judgement training (Use of Force) simulations. This program is designed to place the Concealed Carry gun owner is a stressful environment such as home invasion, robbery, active shooter and much more. You will have to use the skills taught in the concealed carry class to de-escalate the situation, or if deemed necessary, use deadly force.  Warning- This portion of class is not mandatory and some students may find the stress too much. Please use your personal judgement.

Cost $80: all training materials and use of firearms included. $25.00 deposit required when reserving. No refunds: however, students may change classes date up to 1 week in advance without forfeiting deposit.  Class is approximately 4 hours in length. Visit our sister company 2A training center for more info and to sign up.

Maximum number of students per classroom is 15 to ensure a more personal learning environment.  Qualifies as required training for Virginia Concealed carry applicants.

Upcoming Classes!  

Basic Concealed Carry Classes

Cost is $80 and must be paid in full when booking. Class is approximately 4 hours and includes scenario based training on our use of force simulator.  Class qualifies for Virginia CCW applicants.  Please visit our sister companies website to sign up or call 540-298-7227. All Training held at 423 W. Spotswood Trail Elkton Va. 22827.

March 12th 2022-12:30pm

April 16th 2022-12:30pm 

May 21st. 2022-12:30pm

June 25th 2022 12:30pm

July 16th 2022 12:30pm 


Ladies Defensive Tactics- "First Strikes"  Part 1   June 2022  TBD 9am to 11am

        The Ladies Defensive Tactics class " First Strikes" is  lead by Danielle and Victoria Dinges. In this class your will learn Situational Awareness Skills, Defensive Escape Tactics, Defensive Strikes and the use of "less than lethal" tools, This 2 hour class will cover a wide variety of topics to keep women safe and aware in a changing world.  Develop a winning mindset and choose not to be a victim.   Cost $60.00 

February 19th 2022  9am-11am- Please visit our sister companies website or stop by our retail location to sign up. All Training held at 423 W. Spotswood trail Elkton Va. 22827 


Live Fire Instruction

Live fire training may be scheduled with instructor upon completion of class. A small additional fee may be charged for use of Range and additional time.

Classes held on a monthly basis.  Please contact us for scheduling or visit our Facebook page for class schedules.

We also offer private training for; Family Groups, Corporate groups, etc. Contact us for more information.

Advanced Firearm Instruction 

This class includes more detailed training with a Train to Win mindset. It focuses on reinforcement of proper shooting techniques and drawing from a holster and placing effective fire on the target.  A training simulator is utilized for active shooter drills, home invasion and protecting family and friends in a stressful environment. All students must bring a winning attitude and a willingness to learn. All classes will be tailored to meet individual student requirements. Some classes require live fire on the range.  Cost is $80 per hour, small groups of 2 to 3 students is $150 per group for 1 hour.

Realistic Firearms Training

Choose from over 800 scenarios such as robbery, active shooter, jar jacking, attempted rape/kidnapping, Terrorist.  You be the judge and de-escalate the situation or use less than lethal or deadly force in each scenario. The instructor will give you a quick assessment after each scenario and offer improvement tips.  $50.00   30min.  or $80.00 per hour

Our Training Simulator is portable and may be moved offsite for Law Enforcement training; we have over 600 LE programs installed. Also, perfect for training groups of five or more people and small office or corporate training. Contact us for more info and rates.