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Jameson Ultra Blend Matrix Marking Scent

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Dept:Trapping Supplies
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Jameson's Ultra Blend Matrix Marking Scent is a specific blending of glandular excretions, heat cycle period winter collected urine and a few other primary essential ingredients that make this lure so attractive. When applied to a prominent object this scent will stimulate an aggressive instinctive urination urge. Canines are driven by their sheer nature to mark designated objects in their territory with their own scent or the scent marking of another visitor found within their home range. This glandular formula was developed for use as a specialty scent attractor. It is a great go-to lure when you need to target a specific canine that has become a problem on your trap line. Matrix (canine marking scent) A specific blending of glandular excretions and other essential ingredients critical to inducing marking behavior in canines. Fox and coyote great for post sets. 1oz.

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