Hornady 98201 Rapid Rack AR-15 Stainless w/Red Hook

Product Code:98201
Dept:Safety Products
Type:Safes and Vaults
Sub Type:Safe Accessories


Hornady developed the Rapid Rack empty chamber indicator and load assist device as an excellent way for those on patrol or in their home to keep their long gun ready with a fully charged magazine and an empty chamber. The product's red lever handle visually displays an empty chamber, which is made ready in seconds by shouldering the gun and pulling the Rapid Rack lever straight back, simultaneously allowing it to fall to the ground while the firearm's fully charged bolt springs forward to feed a round into the chamber.
Type Loaded Chamber Indicator
Model or Style Rapid Rack
Color Stainless/Red
Size AR-15
Material Stainless Steel
Heating Area
Mount Chamber
Battery N/A
Model Fit AR-15
Run Time
Gun Type AR

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