Lockdown 222155 Vault Drawer Black

Product Code:222155
Dept:Cleaning & Storage
Type:Safes and Vaults


This Vault Drawer mounts to the underside of any shelf. It provides 11.5" w x 12" d x 2" h worth of previously unused space. Ideal for a variety of loose valuables and documents. The Wire form frame slides over any shelf up to 1" thick. The frame's retaining bar butts up against the tray's molded lip to keep the user from pulling the drawer out to far and spilling its contents.
Type Vault Drawer
Model or Style Drawer
Color Black
Size 11.5" x 12" x 2"
Material Metal
Heating Area
Mount Wire Frame
Dimensions 11.5" x 12" x 2"
Model Fit 1" Shelves
Run Time
Function Hold Items
Gun Type

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