Training Schedule


Basic Concealed Carry Classes

Cost is $80 and must be paid in full when booking. Class is approximately 4 hours and includes scenario based training on our use of force simulator.  Class qualifies for Virginia CCW applicants.  Please call or stop by our retail location to sign up. 

June 12th 12:30pm- Concealed Carry-  Instructors- S. Painter and A. Dean 

June 16th- Stop The Bleed- 6pm to 7:30pm Cost $15.00  Applying Tourniquets, Bleed Control from major Trauma.  Save your life or a loved ones life. Great class for sportsman and shooting enthusiasts or anyone wanting to learn a life saving skill. Instructor Odessa Shenk  Firefighter/NREMT 

July 1st- 6pm- Concealed Carry- Instructors S. Painter and B. Mackey

July 17th- 12:30pm- Concealed Carry- Instructors A. Dean and B. Mackey 

July 29th-6pm- Concealed Carry- Instructors A.Dean and B. Mackey 

August 7th-12:30pm- Concealed Carry- Instructors S. Painter and A. Dean 

August 28th- NRA CCW Course $150.00-  9am to 5pm Class Room Training plus additional 3 to 4 hours of on the range training August 29th.  1pm to 5pm.  Each Student will need a concealed carry firearm and quality holster, eye and ear protection, 150 rounds of ammo. 10 Students max.  Chief Instructor Scott Painter, Lead Instructor Aaron Dean, Instructor Bryan Mackey, Assistant Instructor -Danielle Dinges 

* NRA CCW Course Students will be required to have completed one of our basic training classes or provide documented proof of previous instructor lead training. Student equipment will be inspected before class registration to ensure it meets our safety and functionality requirements.    

  We are excited to offer this next level of training!! 

Are you ready?  Do you want to increase your skills and knowledge with an intensive NRA CCW class that includes:

•Lesson 1: Firearm Safety

•Lesson 2: Pistol Nomenclature and Selecting a Pistol for Self-Defense

•Lesson 3: Ammunition Knowledge and Defensive Ammunition Selection

•Lesson 4: Basic Defensive Pistol Skills

•Lesson 5: Drawing from Concealment

•Lesson 6: Loading and Stoppage Remediation

•Lesson 7: Mindset, Responding to an Attack and the Aftermath

•Lesson 8: Carry Modes and Pistol Concealment

•Lesson 9: Firearm Cleaning and Maintenance

•Lesson 10: Sport Shooting and Training Activities


Ladies Defensive Tactics- "First Strikes"  Part 1   Coming Soon! Summer of 2021

    We have been training hard and assembling the right team for this new and exciting class! The Ladies Defensive Tactics class " First Strikes" will be lead by two Female Instructors. In this class your will learn Situational Awareness Skills, Defensive Escape Tactics, Defensive Strikes and the use of "less than lethal" tools, This 4 hour class will cover a wide variety of topics to keep women safe and aware in a changing world.  Develop a winning mindset and choose not to be a victim.    Class schedule to be posted soon! 




If you have unique goals specific to your work environment, our staff is happy to assist in creating a tailored class to meet your requirements.  We can assist in creating training programs to develop the skills necessary to ensure that your staff will feel confident in use of force situations, improve marksmanship skills and increase their comfort with handling firearms safely.





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