Sabre SRPNBCPKR02 Dog Spray Capsaicin 12 ft Range 0.75 oz

Product Code:SRPNBCPKR02
Type:Training Defense


Sabre Protector is a safe, yet effective, solution to help deter dog attacks while enjoying the outdoors. It has 1% Major Capsaicinoids - the maximum strength allowed by the EPA. Protector is strong enough to deter attacks, from dogs of all sizes, without causing long-lasting injury or pain to the attacking dog. These are the two qualities consumers want most. The small canister includes a key ring attachment for convenient access. It sprays 14 bursts up to 12 feet and includes a safety lock that prevents accidental discharge. This model is pink.
Type Pepper Spray
Size Contains 14, One Second Bursts
Weight .75 oz
Range 12 ft
Repels Canine
Approved By
Strength 1%
Other Ingredient
Color Pink
Active Ingredient Capsaicinoids

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